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Paleo Raspberry Almond Scones (+ an almond glaze)

These scones were a total happy accident. I had a friend coming over for some coffee & girl time and really wanted to make my favorite Paleo blueberry turmeric scones for us. But I was completely out of blueberries! Oops.. that’s what happens when I only meal plan our actual meals and not extra treats. 😉 Thankfully, I noticed I had some organic raspberries in the freezer and decided to experiment with those. I am so happy I did! These Paleo Raspberry Almond Scones are so scrumptious! Using clean and natural ingredients, no artificial anything, a delicious and decadent treat can be whipped up in no time. I planned to use my blueberry turmeric recipe as the base and just swap a few ingredients to compliment the flavor changes but I was also out of the flour I typically use. And with baking you kind of have to be precise right? Well, thankfully with this recipe, all of my wild substitutions totally turned out! Originally I used a combination of coconut flour and almond flour, but doing so also required another egg to help retain some moisture. I’ve since made these scones several times (way more times in a very short time period than I care to admit… ok 7 times!) And I prefer the recipe I’m sharing with you the absolute best! It omits the coconut flour and only needs 1 egg! I had several taste testers chime in on which recipe they liked best as well- and they all agreed unanimously that this recipe right here is the winner! The only thing my taste testers couldn’t agree on was... read more

Take A Meal That Heals- A Recipe Roundup

Do you want to bring a meal to a friend but can’t decide what to bring? Or maybe you already have a list of go-to meals to take to those in need, but your friend has different dietary preferences than you are used to accommodating? Well, consider this recipe round up the jackpot of ideas for you to turn to! These can be made for anyone, anytime, but for a super easy guide, let’s use this key:   (M) For new moms  {*See breastfeeding notes at bottom of post} (D) For the friend healing from dental work – think flavorful but easy to chew (I) For the friend fighting illness   All the recipes listed are free of processed/artificial ingredients and are nutrient-dense! These are meals that heal!  MAIN DISH: M, I Ginger Chicken  This recipe is from Kelly over at A Girl Worth Saving and it’s got so much going for it! It’s Paleo so it uses only whole food, clean ingredients as well as having the added benefit of ginger as one of the main ingredients. Ginger has a humongous list of health benefits you can read about here, but most notably it can help ease nausea and upset stomach and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. D, I Red Lentil Dal – This recipe makes use of curry to flavor and spice the lentils- a major player in curry is turmeric. Turmeric is a super important anti-inflammatory, which at the most basic level “helps the body fight foreign invaders and also has a role in repairing damage” but you can read lots more about turmeric’s healing benefits here. I Chunky Chicken & Vegetable Soup Is there anything better than chicken soup... read more

Homemade BBQ Sauce that’s bold, tangy, sweet & smoky!

Some of my favorite things to make from scratch these days are sauces, dressings and dips. Pairing your meal with the right sauce can really elevate a dish’s flavor. Most store-bought versions of sauces, dips and dressings have added artificial flavors, colors, and sugars. I’m super sensitive to MSG and artificial ingredients in things off the shelf, so I decided to just start making things from scratch with wholesome ingredients. I was thoroughly and pleasantly surprised to discover how easy many of my favorites were to make from home! Most that I make use less than a handful of ingredients, while not compromising on flavor, and are truly easy to whip up.  Awhile back I was on this serious pizza craving kick! Every meal I just wanted a big old pizza! And the one I was craving? California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza. Back in college, my dear friend Mary and I used to go and split that pizza and their spinach and artichoke dip. Yum. It had been too long since I enjoyed a slice of it, but with no CPK near by, I decided to venture into making a homemade BBQ sauce that would stand up to that pizza.  And this… THIS is my new favorite!  It’s such a solid and delicious recipe that I included the full BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe on my Spring Menu! But I don’t want to hold this BBQ sauce hostage from you just because you have yet to buy the meal plan… so I’m sharing it right here right now for you to enjoy!  Homemade BBQ Sauce This one has a bold... read more

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Bring a Meal EVERYONE Wants, Even If You’re Not a Great Cook.

{Photo Source: Gideon} You’re browsing on facebook and see that “so-and-so” had their sweet baby and would love if some meals were provided for them as they transition to life with a newborn. You hover over the “sign up” button but hesitate thinking, “I’m not really the best cook…What would I make them? What if they don’t like what I make them?” I have totally been there! But this post is designed to help you get over your insecurities and road blocks so you can click “sign up” and get that meal delivered confidently!   5 fool-proof ways to bring a meal EVERYONE wants, even if you’re not a great cook.  1. Stick to tried-and-true recipes.   Don’t try out a new recipe on other people. Make something that you have experience making and have enjoyed eating. Choose a meal that has been a family favorite for some time or is a go-to meal for you.   I actually have a list of a few meal ideas that are family favorites, well enjoyed by guests we’ve entertained, and easy to transport. Those are the meals I turn to when someone needs a meal. Want a few meal ideas? Check out these meals that heal!  2. Review this ultimate guide to meal delivery.   This guide is something I created to make sure you are fully equipped to deliver a most-welcomed dish.   Even if the meal you make isn’t plate-licking-good, pay attention to these little details, and it’ll be that much more appreciated.   The little things can make your dish that much more appealing because it shows that you put thought into... read more

The Ultimate Guide For Taking Someone A Meal- Etiquette 101: Hospitality Delivered

I’ve been writing recently about the beauty of bringing someone a meal (here and here). It’s truly a wonderful and simple way to make someone’s day. I’ve been on the receiving and giving side of meals more times than I can begin to explain, so I’ve learned some helpful tidbits along the way. I figured why not compile all the nitty gritty details into one super helpful ultimate guide? So here it is!   The Ultimate Guide To Taking Someone A Meal- Etiquette 101: Hospitality Delivered 1. Make Contact and Schedule your delivery:    ~Initial Contact    Contact the recipients to find out if they would be interested in receiving a meal. Letting them know you would like to bring a meal is the first step.  I know we aren’t always planning ahead, and sometimes bringing a meal is incredibly spontaneous, but it’s definitely polite to let the recipients know of your intentions. Ask the recipients if they have any allergies, food sensitivities, likes or dislikes.  Taking a moment to find out this vital information and following the recipients dietary needs & preferences is so greatly appreciated.  Wouldn’t it be a bummer to prepare a meal centered on shell fish only to discover after the fact that the family is allergic or perhaps dislikes seafood or are Vegetarians? Awkward! That could easily be avoided by simply connecting ahead of time to find out that important information.  Find out if the recipients are in need of additional meals beyond the one you’ll be bringing.  Life changing events like having a new baby, a death in the family, or even moving into a new home can... read more

17 Little Known Ways To Get In The Mood To Cook When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Restoring joy in the home kitchen is one of my greatest passions and driving reasons for WHY I started “Savoring Joy”. Though I’ll be the first to admit that being in the kitchen isn’t always a joyful experience. And there are definitely times when I just don’t feel like cooking. Like at all. But I’ve learned some ways to help combat those feelings, get my booty back in the kitchen & in the mood to cook even when I feel like it the least. So how do you get in the mood to cook when you don’t feel like it? 17 little known ways to get in the mood to cook when you just don’t feel like it.    1.) Flip on some tunes. Listening to music is a powerful way to lift your mood and increase energy.  This is one of my favorite playlists to turn on when I step in the kitchen and don’t feel like cooking (minute 14 is when one of my favorite songs begin). It instantly ignites a desire to create something wonderful!  (Proof- I was listening to it when I made this delicious butternut squash mac and cheese!) YUM!  2.) Disconnect from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Gasp! Yes, I mean it. Sure they all have their purpose and place, and yes I use all three of those sites like you might, BUT haven’t you ever hopped on just to check ONE thing and then realized 30 minutes had gone by? Whoops… Social media can be wonderful, but it can also be a black hole that zaps all of your time & energy. So if you’re hoping... read more

Product Spotlight: Mary & Martha

I ADORE dishes. Let me clarify- I’m not talking about the act of doing dishes. No, not so much. I adore pretty dishes. Anytime I’m in TJ Maxx or Target, I tend to gravitate towards the kitchen and serving ware isles. I especially enjoy looking at all the colorful designs and reading the words printed on the mugs. (Isn’t owning a great mug just awesome!?) Maybe I’m alone in my pursuit to find a great mug, but having the right cup just makes a difference to me. I guess I can explain it in the same way a great outfit can impact how you feel in those clothes, a great mug can impact how you feel as well. At least it does for me. (Little secret– I will always opt to dine-in at a cafe if it means I can use a real mug and not a paper cup to-go.) Coffee mugs are one of the things that we didn’t register for before getting married. My hubby and I both enjoy a unique cup, so we left those purchases to be something we gather eclectically. For our plates and bowls, on the other hand, we went classic and opted for solid white. And I love them. The plain white is the perfect backdrop for letting the food stand out as the star. But then I was given these little beauties and I am even more in love! Mary & Martha Dishes These two pieces are from Mary & Martha’s Melamine Collection called “This is the table before the Lord”. Just like my favorite mugs, these have beautiful colors, words that... read more

Homemade Mint Chocolate Larabar Recipe

Ahhh mint! One of my favorite flavors. of. all. time. I have always enjoyed eating anything minty- thin mint Girl Scout cookies, peppermint frappes and mint chip ice cream, to name a few… (Do you see a sugar connection between all of those listed? Totally. Me too. It’s no secret.) But I also enjoy mint tea and using fresh mint in Mediterranean-style meals.  I actually have some pretty fond memories chewing on fresh-picked mint leaves from my family’s old backyard as a little girl. I’m just a mint loving girl! So when I was doing some online shopping at Thrive Market, and saw Simply Organic’s Peppermint extract for a super low price of about $3, I clicked “add to cart” without hesitation. Because why resist having yummy mint extract in my pantry for all my baking needs? 😉 It was delivered in less than 3 days and in that time, I had already decided I’d compliment the mint flavor with the addition of chocolate. (Because, again… why not?) YUM! I went for a date-sweetened mint chocolate Larabar (adapted from my JOY Bar recipe) and this was the result. It’s so yummy! I posted this pic as a little teaser on my Facebook and Instagram to see if I was alone in my mint obsession or if you wanted the recipe and the vote was unanimous- I am not alone. So here it is for your tasting pleasure. So Long Thin Mint Cookies, Hello Homemade Mint Chocolate Larabars! PrintHomemade Mint Chocolate Larabar Recipe Prep Time: 5 minutesTotal Time: 5 minutes Ingredients1 cup dates 1 cup almonds 1 tsp peppermint extract 3 TBS cacao powder ¼ cup chocolate chipsInstructionsAdd everything to your food... read more

How Food Can Say “I Love You”

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.” -Alan D. Wolfelt Isn’t that the truth?  Sometimes words really aren’t enough.  But food can be a powerful and yet simple expression and extension of love. I’ve been on the receiving end of meals more times than I can count.  They’ve come in celebration of our son Isaac’s birth and moving to a new home.  They came when I was on bed rest and dealing with severe morning sickness.  They came when I tore my rotator-cuff and was recovering from surgery.  Whether in times of hardship and desperate need or times of joy and celebration, the times my family has received meals are times I think of with deep gratitude.  There’s just something special and warming to the soul about having a meal prepared for you. A neighbor of mine recently had a death in her family.  I don’t know their family well, but I know circumstances enough to know that they are grieving.  I decided to step up and be neighborly, but a sincere gift of flowers and words on a card just seemed to fall short of what I wanted them to feel.  I wanted them to feel loved.  Thought of.  Cared for. Not forgotten during this very difficult time.  I wanted them to know that even when things like this happen and things don’t make sense, that there is still something worth living for.  (Granted, only God can comfort them in ways that they are craving in this time of grief), but I just felt that there was something more I could do to assure them that... read more

Oven-Roasted Sweet Potato Steak Fries

Roasted veggies make their way to my family’s table at least once a week.  Roasting just does something seriously good to veggies.  I always say: “If you don’t like a vegetable, try roasting it before you rule it out altogether, because eating it roasted just might change your mind.”  We roast sweet potatoes in all different shapes and sizes depending on our given mood. And the other night, my husband hit the sweet potato jackpot! He was helping prep the veggies while I was focused on coating the fish in a cashew crust (I was making paleo fish sticks– a recipe that may or may not make it’s way to the blog, but will definitely be on the menu for spring). Anyway, he decide to cut the sweet potatoes into long and thick wedges and! The result? AMAZING!!!  Comes together in less than 30 minutes. Give it a try! PrintOven-Roasted Sweet Potato Steak Fries Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 16 minutesTotal Time: 26 minutes Serving Size: 4 Ingredients4-5 sweet potatoes 1 TBS oil (coconut or olive oil) salt & pepper to tasteInstructionsPreheat oven to 425. Rinse sweet potatoes, dry and peel. Slice into long wedges. (As shown in our lil home video.) Put wedges into a bowl and drizzle with oil & season with salt and pepper. Mix around to evenly coat wedges with oil and seasoning. Set out on a parchment-lined baking sheet (or well greased pan). Bake for 16-18 min or until lightly golden brown and slightly crisp on the outside. (You can definitely flip half way though, but not necessary. The results will still be delicious!) 3.0 read more

1 Simple Tip To Radically Simplify Meal Planning

Want to know a super simple tip to radically simplify meal planning? Use theme days! One theme for each day of the week. To be honest, I was not too excited about the idea of theme days for a very looooooong time.  I always felt like having a theme set for each day would be constricting and not allow for creativity.  My fear was always, “What if that theme day rolls around and I’m not in the mood for that meal?”  Silly? Perhaps. My husband, on the other hand, loves the idea of having theme days.  (And I do mean love as in love love LOVES the idea.)  He’s all about order, routine, and not having to (watch me) spend hours and hours meal planning or staring into the fridge wondering what to cook.   Well, after much resistance, I finally decided to give this whole “theme day” thing a try.  Just to see how it would work.  And I have a confession….  I like using theme days.  Me- the former “theme-day-hater” has converted.   You see I learned that having some set of parameters in place (like theme days) doesn’t restrict my creativity, it actually increases it!  Having some structure to create in and around brings quite a bit of freedom.  A theme for each day of the week really reduces the overwhelm of meal planning.  Instead of having to come up with several random meals for the week, you just have to decide one theme for each day and a few meals that fit that theme. Simple, right?    I highly suggest you give this time-saving and highly effective tip... read more

8 Things I’ve Learned From Breaking Up With Meal Planning

Image Source: Walt Stoneburner   Meal planning and I have had an extensive love/hate relationship.  I loved the benefit and rewards that meal planning brought to my life, but hated the effort and attention that meal planning demanded.  We have a long and complicated history of being on again & off again. But like all relationships, you always learn something. Here are 8 things I’ve learned from breaking up with meal planning:   1.     I spend a lot of money on last minute take out.  Dinner time rolls around and the question of “What’s for dinner?” spurs on a conversation that ends with me ordering take out for my husband to pick up.  Team work at its finest. 😉 2.    I often go hungry.  Sometimes I actually forget to eat because I don’t have anything planned.  And then I get over hungry and the result is lesson #3. 3.    I have the potential to be a very anxious and “hangry” person.  Familiar with that word? That’s when you are hungry AND angry.  It’s not a pretty combination.  Angry about being hungry. Angry at the world.  Enough said. 4.    I have the ability to get totally and completely overwhelmed with the responsibility of making food for my family. Without a plan, I can walk in and out of the kitchen several times a day until I just collapse from emotional and mental exhaustion. 5.    Food stored safely in the confines of the fridge has the mysterious ability to disappear and only reappear when its at the point of no return.  Money (& yummy potential) down the... read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Food Sensitivities & Allergies

A mama in our Savoring Joy Community recently emailed me this urgent request: “Help! Where to start?! No dairy for 3 of us, no nuts for 2, no gluten for 1 maybe 2, (all have to) cut back sugar…???” Does her cry for help resonate with you? Discovering food sensitivities and food allergies can be very difficult emotionally, physically and mentally. Depending on your current lifestyle and the severity and precedence of the food you’re sensitive or allergic to, it can be a HUGE adjustment.    I understand this mom’s desperation.  I know how complicated and challenging adjusting to a new way of eating because of food sensitivities can be.    Last year I was faced with a ridiculously long list of foods that I could no longer eat because of leaky gut (intestinal permeability).  That’s another story for another time. But bottom line, I get it.  I TOTALLY get it.  I’ve had my own journey with oppressive food sensitivities so I understand the challenges they present. Imagine the burden of trying to accommodate each family member’s sensitivities every meal you eat together.  The mom who emailed me was trying to confront not only every new food allergy & sensitivity, but also every additional food dislike and preference each person had, and try to somehow manage putting food on the table that everyone could eat and enjoy.  How overwhelming!    Can you imagine how many different dishes she was anticipating having to make to please everyone?  That is enough pressure and restraints to drive a person into pure insanity or depression.  Straight up crazy talk. Thankfully, I have a simpler solution for her, and for you.... read more

I’m Putting Negativity On A Timeout

Do you want to know the date that most people quit their New Year’s resolutions by? —> FEB 7th. That day has come and gone and I’m curious- How are you doing? My concern isn’t so much about whether or not you’ve lost the 10+lbs you wanted to, if you’ve been uber productive with your days or if you’ve pounded kale and spinach green juice every morning. My concern runs much deeper than that. I want to know how you are really doing. And I believe the answer to that question is found in how you talk. What kind of language are you choosing to say about yourself, your progress, your New Year so far? How are you talking to others about yourself? What’s your thought-life like? How’s your heart? That is where everything begins and all change happens— your heart. It’s from your heart that your mouth speaks, so pay attention to your words and you’ll quickly recognize what your heart of hearts believes. What do YOU believe about yourself? I’ve been hearing and reading a whole lot of ugly self-talk and I think it’s time to say, “Hold up. TIMEOUT, people”. I’m calling a timeout on negative & destructive thoughts, beliefs, and comments. Instead of saying: “I can’t believe I could NOT resist that donut this morning. I’m a complete failure.” Choose to say: “I am going to move forward and eat something healthy (that I enjoy) for lunch today. I CAN do this!” Make the decision to be motivated by GRACE.  Let LOVE ignite your pursuit. Shame, guilt, self-hate and negative thinking will only lead you to... read more

Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Raspberry Sauce

I don’t know if pancakes became romantic after Jack Johnson wrote that song or if they’ve always had a sweet, “linger and enjoy” type of call to them, but either way- I think pancakes are just perfect for a romantic breakfast. My hubby and I have enjoyed pancakes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day for a few years now, but they’ve been making an appearance much for frequently these days thanks to this delicious recipe! These fluffy beauties make their way to our table at least twice a month, sometimes even for dinner.  (Ain’t no shame in having breakfast for dinner!) The original recipe is pretty perfect on its own, but I love tinkering with things to make it a lil more me. To give it a Savoring Joy spin we: ALWAYS double it (make once eat 2-3xs at its finest) Use honey instead of sugar Add 1 scoop of protein powder (or 2 TBS collagen), 1 TBS fiber Our favorite is to add a sprinkle of cinnamon along with blueberries and sliced bananas. When I’m feeling fancy, I use almond extract instead of vanilla. YUM! All that to say, this recipe is highly adaptable.  I’ve had good success with almond milk, coconut milk, and breastmilk.  (JUST KIDDING!) Wanted to see if anyone’s reading these little details 😉 What I really meant is cow’s milk works great, too.  You really can’t go wrong. In honor of Valentines Day, I decided to add chocolate chips to the pancakes and pair with a raspberry sauce.  Oh, and totally used some cutesy heart cookie cutters to make em in true Valentine’s Day fashion. <3 PrintRaspberry Sauce Prep Time: 2... read more

Cranberry Jello 5 Different Ways

It all started with this jar of cranberry juice chilling in my fridge.  Cranberry juice is not something I can just grab and guzzle. It’s just WAY. TOO. tart.  Especially this brand that uses pure cranberries. I love this brand for that reason of purity- no added sugar or junk. BUT, it’s pretty unappealing to just drink straight. Enter gelatin and the idea of making some cranberry jello! Oh, YES indeed! When I bought my first container of grass-fed gelatin I scoured over Pinterest for anything and everything that uses gelatin. Seriously, check out my Pinterest board devoted to gelatin. I promise it will not disappoint. Anyway, I came across this super basic and easy to make jello recipe from Tiffany, aka Coconut Mama, and knew it would be just perfect for using up my jar of cranberry juice. But I wanted to have a little flavor play so I made a few different varieties (ok, more than a few… FIVE different varieties).  And I’m stoked to share all 5 of them with you! Here’s how to make em: For pure cranberry jello- Use Tiffany’s recipe but sub pure cranberry juice for the coconut water and add one extra TBS of honey to help balance out the tartness of the cranberry. This is your base for the other 4 flavors. For cranberry and pear jello- Add 1 pear, chopped, to the pure cranberry jello before cooling/setting in the fridge. For cranberry almond jello- Add 1 TBS almond extract & ¼-½ cup of slivered almonds to the pure cranberry jello base before cooling. For a chocolate chip cranberry jello- add ½ cup... read more

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

My husband is pretty in tune with his taste preferences. He knows, and makes known, 2 bites in when he likes a meal. I can tell a meal isn’t a favorite when he eats more than two bites and doesn’t say anything. This recipe creation, inspired from a friend’s facebook post about hot dogs (I’ll get to that later), was deemed “freakishly good” after his first bite. 🙂 His enthusiasm has me sharing this meal with you. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Most of my meal creations are born out of a whim and what I have on hand in the kitchen. I used to spend hours pouring over recipes and then make them in meticulous fashion so they would hopefully turn out ok. You see, I started out not knowing how to cook and being pretty timid in the kitchen. Nowadays I just go with the flow. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. And I can live with the ups and downs of experimenting in the kitchen. It’s part of the whole experience and journey. I have learned that relying on some basic kitchen skills as a guide can help you have more ups than downs. To create this meal, I relied on knowing how to make a mornay sauce. (Thank you Wikipedia for putting a name to this sauce for me. Mornay is the beginning of the fancy cooking terms coming your way via this post, so brace yourself. But translation- it’s simply a cheese sauce). A mornay (aka. cheese sauce) starts with a roux. A roux is simply butter and flour. I melted a chunk of grass... read more

Salmon Cakes

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, & Paleo I’m sure we are all familiar with how valuable eating salmon is for our bodies. They are packed full of healthy omega 3 fats, selenium, zinc, B vitamins and much much more.  Wild-caught salmon is definitely the way to go, but it’s also pretty pricey. Want to know my budget-friendly way to enjoy wild-caught salmon on the regular?   ———–>> CANNED Wild-Caught Salmon I actually stopped buying tuna and switched over to salmon.  Costco sells 6/6oz cans for just over $15.  That’s a lot more affordable than buying wild-caught salmon fillets (about half the cost/serving)! Plus, I have this great salmon cake recipe that makes for a healthy, delicious (and money-saving) way to enjoy more salmon! These Salmon Cakes are gluten free and grain free, dairy free, and Paleo.  I make a big batch and then freeze the extra portions. Did I mention they are toddler-approved? Salmon Cakes Serves 6 Ingredients 6 cans, boneless & skinless, wild-caught salmon 3 eggs ¼ cup sesame seeds (or chia seeds) ½ cup almond meal (feel free to sub panko or bread crumbs if you are not gluten free) ½ cup onion, chopped ¾ cup shredded carrots (optional) season with some garlic, pepper, a little salt and 1 TBS of either dill or basil. (I’ve been seasoning with a TBS of 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joes.) Directions Preheat oven to 400. Drain canned salmon. Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Add all remaining ingredients into the bowl and mix together well. Shape into round “cakes” and place on parchment paper or greased pan. (TIP- I use a... read more

A Restaurant Review For The Foodie In You

A Restaurant Review For The Foodie In You Cooking every meal you eat 7 days a week can get a little mundane. Having a kitchen routine can be both wonderful and boring.  Every now and then I get into a cooking rut where nothing really sounds appealing to cook. One way to help bust these “I-don’t-want-to-cook” blues is to peruse Pinterest recipes. But, let’s be honest- how many of those pins do we actually cook? Usually the pinning mayhem is futile. Another way that has actually worked on multiple occasions is to just throw some butter in a pan and commit. Because seriously, is there a better way to start a meal than with the sound and smell of sizzling butter? YUM! But every now and then, the old butter-in-a-pan trick just doesn’t cut it. On those such times, I know it’s best for me to simply get out of my kitchen and let someone else be chef for our family. And I want to share that tip with you- When you’re feeling less than inspired to cook:            Dining out is a sure-fire way to ignite creativity in your inner foodie. Are you in a cooking slump? Do you need a little spark in motivation to cook a delicious meal? Sometimes the best way to get inspired is to enjoy someone else’s creativity. Restaurant Month January is California’s Restaurant Month and it’s the perfect time to go out and get refreshed! Most participating restaurants build a special menu highlighting their best dishes and you really don’t want to miss it! After my hubby got home from... read more

Brainfood: What Every Traveler Should Bring With Them

My husband went out of town for work last week. He spent 5 FULL DAYS in a classroom setting with lecture on thermodynamics and then took a test on the final day. This was the longest we’ve ever been apart since before we were married.  Trying to work out all the logistics before he left took mental priority, and packing him some nourishing snacks for the road and week sort of fell off the radar. Whoops! Thankfully, he never went hungry and we did manage to pack some fruit and nuts for the road, so overall he survived. But after eating out all week long, he came home feeling like he had gained at least 5 pounds and desperate for a detox. Every night we talked, he sounded pretty worn down and mentally fatigued. I resolved that we needed a better game plan for any future work trips he may have. Hence this list. I chose these foods specifically for improving brain function and focus, but they also had to pass the test of being easy to transport, clean enough to eat on the go, and of course be healthy. Brainfood Packing List Pack these healthy foods to prevent energy slumps, blood sugar crashes and brain fog! Water Water is essential. Don’t skip packing enough water to sustain you. And check this benefit out- “When your brain is functioning on a full reserve of water, you will be able to think faster, be more focused, and experience greater clarity and creativity.”1 Homemade Larabars TIP— If you’re strapped for time, store-bought is a decent option (no added junk). Larabars are simply... read more