1 Simple Tip To Radically Simplify Meal Planning

1 Simple Tip To Radically Simplify Meal Planning

Want to know a super simple tip to radically simplify meal planning?

Use theme days!

One theme for each day of the week.

To be honest, I was not too excited about the idea of theme days for a very looooooong time.  I always felt like having a theme set for each day would be constricting and not allow for creativity.  My fear was always, “What if that theme day rolls around and I’m not in the mood for that meal?”  Silly? Perhaps.

My husband, on the other hand, loves the idea of having theme days.  (And I do mean love as in love love LOVES the idea.)  He’s all about order, routine, and not having to (watch me) spend hours and hours meal planning or staring into the fridge wondering what to cook.


Well, after much resistance, I finally decided to give this whole “theme day” thing a try.  Just to see how it would work.  And I have a confession…. 

I like using theme days.  Me- the former “theme-day-hater” has converted.


You see I learned that having some set of parameters in place (like theme days) doesn’t restrict my creativity, it actually increases it!  Having some structure to create in and around brings quite a bit of freedom. 

A theme for each day of the week really reduces the overwhelm of meal planning.  Instead of having to come up with several random meals for the week, you just have to decide one theme for each day and a few meals that fit that theme.

Simple, right?   

I highly suggest you give this time-saving and highly effective tip a try.  It could be the missing key that radically simplifies your meal planning routine.

Even if you don’t strictly follow your theme for each day on the exact day you planned things for, it will at least help you decide ahead of time the meals you want to eat that week, which will totally help you grocery shop efficiently. (Ok, so I can totally feel the anxiety of all the rule-followers, my husband included, struggling with me saying “you don’t have to strictly follow your theme for each day”… but take a breath and don’t worry- you can totally follow your theme days strictly if you’d like. It’s up to YOU!) 😉

Here are some theme day ideas to get you started, but feel free to dream up whatever works for you!


Theme Day Ideas


  • Cuisine Type

    • Italian, Mexican, Asian, etc

  • Cooking Method

    • Grill, oven, stovetop, crockpot, etc

  • Diet Style

    • Paleo, raw, vegetarian, etc

  • Family Favorites

    • Husband’s choice, kid picks, etc


Want to know & use my family’s theme days?  Order this Seasonal Meal Plan for Spring and get exclusive access to the themes I use to organize my week’s recipes (& of course the full menu for Spring)!


Do you use theme days to plan your meals?  


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