5 Fool-Proof Ways to Bring a Meal EVERYONE Wants, Even If You’re Not a Great Cook.

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Bring a Meal EVERYONE Wants, Even If You’re Not a Great Cook.

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You’re browsing on facebook and see that “so-and-so” had their sweet baby and would love if some meals were provided for them as they transition to life with a newborn. You hover over the “sign up” button but hesitate thinking,

“I’m not really the best cook…What would I make them? What if they don’t like what I make them?

I have totally been there! But this post is designed to help you get over your insecurities and road blocks so you can click “sign up” and get that meal delivered confidently!


5 fool-proof ways to bring a meal EVERYONE wants, even if you’re not a great cook.

 1. Stick to tried-and-true recipes.


Don’t try out a new recipe on other people. Make something that you have experience making and have enjoyed eating. Choose a meal that has been a family favorite for some time or is a go-to meal for you.


  • I actually have a list of a few meal ideas that are family favorites, well enjoyed by guests we’ve entertained, and easy to transport. Those are the meals I turn to when someone needs a meal.
  • Want a few meal ideas? Check out these meals that heal!

 2. Review this ultimate guide to meal delivery.


This guide is something I created to make sure you are fully equipped to deliver a most-welcomed dish.


  • Even if the meal you make isn’t plate-licking-good, pay attention to these little details, and it’ll be that much more appreciated.


  • The little things can make your dish that much more appealing because it shows that you put thought into creating it.

 3. Opt for take out.


If cooking is especially stressful for you, see if there’s a restaurant the recipients would enjoy having delivered instead!


  • After we had our son Isaac, a few people asked if they could grab us something special from our favorite restaurant. We hadn’t had the opportunity to dine out much during that time, so having take-out delivered was such a treat!

 4. Consider the gift of groceries.


Perhaps the gift of groceries is exactly what they need.


  • Get a list of some needs & wants from them or just surprise them with an assortment of goodies.



    • Throw in some novelty items that you know they’d want to gobble up (some common favorites are organic berries, organic ice cream, decadent fair trade chocolate, or a fresh-baked loaf of sourdough bread and some fancy cheese).

 5. Let go of the pressure.  


Sometimes it’s impossible to please everyone’s unique tastes and preferences with a meal. So don’t stress it.


  • Of course you want to make a meal that is enjoyed, but remember that food is love. Stepping up to give in this way communicates VOLUMES of love!


  • Know that your attitude will shine through your food. Whatever you decide to pick up or make, do it out of the sincerity of heart, deliver it gracefully, and enjoy the opportunity you took to help make someone’s day special. 🙂

What other tips would be helpful for cooks, & non-cooks alike, that want to bring someone a meal?

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  1. I love the gift of groceries!!!

    • Me too! So helpful huh? And really fun to stock for someone else’s pantry too 🙂


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