7 Remedies To Beat Being Sick

7 Remedies To Beat Being Sick

There’s a real stubborn bug going around right now and it has more than overstayed its welcome.

For those that have a lingering cough, cold or flu, here’s a round up of 7 great remedies to kick that sick bug to the curb!


1.)  Drink some homemade healing bone broth.

  • Bone broth is an incredible support to your immune system and drinking this warm will soothe you to the core!

2.)  Get plenty of water.

  • I’ve been drinking several warm mugs of water with raw honey and freshly squeezed lemon throughout the day.  The honey coats your tender throat and works with the lemon to promote healing.
  • Plus hot liquids stimulate your immune system, so drink up!

3.)  Take an extra dose of elderberry syrup until you feel well again.

4.) Get extra rest.

  • Don’t try to overdo it. Stay home and get some extra Zzzz.
  • If you need a change of scenery, and it’s sunny like it is here on the Central Coast, step out into your backyard and rest in the sunshine. The extra natural Vit D from the sun will boost your immune system too!!

5.) Take a detox bath

  • Add some lavendar essential oil to your bath if you have some on hand. It will help soothe body aches and induce sleep.

6.) Drink some of my headache soothing turmeric milk or tea.

  •  (No headache required.) With turmeric and ginger, it’s sure to boost your immunity and get you feeling better fast!

7.)  Drink a shot of apple cider vinegar or make this apple cider vinegar cough remedy.


May these 7 remedies combat your flu, cold, or lingering cough!!
Have any go-to remedies to add? What’s worked for you?


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