8 Things I’ve Learned From Breaking Up With Meal Planning

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Meal planning and I have had an extensive love/hate relationship.  I loved the benefit and rewards that meal planning brought to my life, but hated the effort and attention that meal planning demanded.  We have a long and complicated history of being on again & off again.

But like all relationships, you always learn something.

Here are 8 things I’ve learned from breaking up with meal planning:


1.     I spend a lot of money on last minute take out.  Dinner time rolls around and the question of “What’s for dinner?” spurs on a conversation that ends with me ordering take out for my husband to pick up.  Team work at its finest. 😉

2.    I often go hungry.  Sometimes I actually forget to eat because I don’t have anything planned.  And then I get over hungry and the result is lesson #3.

3.    I have the potential to be a very anxious and “hangry” person.  Familiar with that word? That’s when you are hungry AND angry.  It’s not a pretty combination.  Angry about being hungry. Angry at the world.  Enough said.

4.    I have the ability to get totally and completely overwhelmed with the responsibility of making food for my family. Without a plan, I can walk in and out of the kitchen several times a day until I just collapse from emotional and mental exhaustion.

5.    Food stored safely in the confines of the fridge has the mysterious ability to disappear and only reappear when its at the point of no return.  Money (& yummy potential) down the drain.

6.    I have the ability to live on a diet of of ice cream, tortilla chips, quesadillas and homemade larabars.  Do I recommend this? Nope. Not at all. I don’t feel good eating that way, but without meal planning to help me strategize my meals, I gravitate towards quick and easy instant gratification. Hence, copious amounts of ice cream, chips, quesadillas and larabars.

7.    My family spends less time together around the table.  When I don’t meal plan, it’s often a “fend-for-yourself” style of eating at our house.  With that comes less time spent eating together.

8.    I’m better off with meal planning in my life.

So is meal planning the answer to everything? No. Jesus is the answer to EVERYTHING.  (Cliche? Yes. Truth? YES!) And sometimes He provides wisdom through a strategy.  And the strategy that has helped simplify things, alleviate stress and free me up to enjoy Him, my family, and myself more is meal planning.


Any of these lessons familiar to you? Any of these surprise you? Share in the comments.


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