I can help you navigate the world of healthy eating.

The “real food” industry can be pretty confusing and sometimes downright mean. Making the transition to prepare wholesome food and consume less processed meals can be pretty daunting, especially with the overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation) abundantly available today.

But I will help you navigate it like a pro!

I’m passionate about seeing you succeed and savor joy in the journey because I’ve LIVED it.


I spent very little time in the kitchen until I moved out on my own as a college student.  I was working to fund my education expenses while a full-time student so I opted for whatever was quick and easy.  I switched where I shopped to find better sources of food and began meal planning to help cut some costs.  These two steps really helped in the budget, but I didn’t really venture into cooking more than a handful of meals until I got married.

As a newlywed I spent hours and hours pouring over cookbooks and recipes online searching for the most mouth-watering and hubby-satisfying food I could find.  I didn’t think too much about eating well to promote health.  My focus was on pleasing my man’s appetite.  And I had big shoes to fill- let me tell you! His mama is one amazing woman in the kitchen.

About a year into our marriage, I realized that style of lavish and extravagant recipes was costing us quite a bit in the budget.  Plus, we both suffered from low energy and got sick pretty regularly.  Some friends of ours had been reading “The Maker’s Diet” and gave us a copy.  I read it cover to cover in less than two days!  I was amazed and inspired by the author’s story and eager to give the “maker’s diet” a try.  Though it took a bit to convince my hubs that we should do it, we have never looked back.

The results we gleaned from making the switch to “unprocessing” our food has been incredible!

But like the book tells you, it’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle.

I’ve been learning how to be resourceful in the kitchen, be adventurous with our food, and explore new recipes to promote maintaining this healthy lifestyle ever since. There have been many bumps and challenges along the way, and I hope those experiences can serve to help you avoid them.

I am devoted to coming alongside you on your journey to savor joy in all things health.

May your journey be bright and delicious!

~ LeeAnn



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