Cranberry Jello 5 Different Ways

Cranberry Jello 5 Different Ways

It all started with this jar of cranberry juice chilling in my fridge.  Cranberry juice is not something I can just grab and guzzle. It’s just WAY. TOO. tart.  Especially this brand that uses pure cranberries.

cranberry juice

I love this brand for that reason of purity- no added sugar or junk. BUT, it’s pretty unappealing to just drink straight.

Enter gelatin and the idea of making some cranberry jello!

Oh, YES indeed!

When I bought my first container of grass-fed gelatin I scoured over Pinterest for anything and everything that uses gelatin. Seriously, check out my Pinterest board devoted to gelatin. I promise it will not disappoint.

Anyway, I came across this super basic and easy to make jello recipe from Tiffany, aka Coconut Mama, and knew it would be just perfect for using up my jar of cranberry juice.

But I wanted to have a little flavor play so I made a few different varieties (ok, more than a few… FIVE different varieties).  And I’m stoked to share all 5 of them with you! Here’s how to make em:

  • For pure cranberry jello-

    • Use Tiffany’s recipe but sub pure cranberry juice for the coconut water and add one extra TBS of honey to help balance out the tartness of the cranberry.
    • This is your base for the other 4 flavors.
  • For cranberry and pear jello-

    • Add 1 pear, chopped, to the pure cranberry jello before cooling/setting in the fridge.
  • For cranberry almond jello-

    • Add 1 TBS almond extract & ¼-½ cup of slivered almonds to the pure cranberry jello base before cooling.
  • For a chocolate chip cranberry jello-

    • add ½ cup chocolate chips to the pure cranberry jello before setting in the fridge to cool.
  • For cranberry jello layered in chocolate-

    • Make and cool your pure cranberry jello completely.
    • Melt about ½ cup chocolate chips with ¼ cup coconut oil and a splash of vanilla extract.
    • Pour melted chocolate on top of cooled and set jello.
    • Place back in the fridge to get a nice crisp chocolate layer.

I had 5 people taste test and each of them had a different favorite, so ALL of these varieties are good!!

But honestly, the best is the chocolate layered one… in my opinion 😉 And it’s totally worthy of a Valentine’s Day treat!  So ENJOY!!

cranberry jello layered in chocolate

I’m curious… are you a plain jello type of person or a “I like chunks of toppings in my jello” type of person? Because there is definitely two types of people. Which are you?


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