I’m Putting Negativity On A Timeout

I’m Putting Negativity On A Timeout

Do you want to know the date that most people quit their New Year’s resolutions by?

—> FEB 7th.

That day has come and gone and I’m curious- How are you doing?

My concern isn’t so much about whether or not you’ve lost the 10+lbs you wanted to, if you’ve been uber productive with your days or if you’ve pounded kale and spinach green juice every morning.

My concern runs much deeper than that.

I want to know how you are really doing.

And I believe the answer to that question is found in how you talk.

What kind of language are you choosing to say about yourself, your progress, your New Year so far? How are you talking to others about yourself? What’s your thought-life like? How’s your heart?

That is where everything begins and all change happens— your heart.

It’s from your heart that your mouth speaks, so pay attention to your words and you’ll quickly recognize what your heart of hearts believes.

What do YOU believe about yourself?

I’ve been hearing and reading a whole lot of ugly self-talk and I think it’s time to say, “Hold up. TIMEOUT, people”.

I’m calling a timeout on negative & destructive thoughts, beliefs, and comments.

Instead of saying:

  • “I can’t believe I could NOT resist that donut this morning. I’m a complete failure.”

Choose to say:

  • “I am going to move forward and eat something healthy (that I enjoy) for lunch today. I CAN do this!”

Make the decision to be motivated by GRACE.  Let LOVE ignite your pursuit.

Shame, guilt, self-hate and negative thinking will only lead you to a negative place.

Start believing the best about yourself and others, and begin to speak LIFE.

“Our language dictates our results.” -George Bryant (aka Civilized Caveman)

So you didn’t keep your resolution to eat healthier? Ok. Oh well. Today is a new day.

Share in the comments—-> What will you be saying differently about yourself?


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  1. Love this. So important to understand the value we deserve to show ourselves before anyone else will value us!

    • So true, Allison. And so many of us forget or never know what we are really worth. Happy to speak value back into people’s lives, and love that you are doing the same! xoxo


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