Paleo Elderberry Ice Cream Cups (+ 3 other flavors!)

Paleo Elderberry Ice Cream Cups (+ 3 other flavors!)

Is there an ice cream that’s dairy free, sugar free, uses only 1 ingredient, is decadently creamy, and can be ready in under 5 minutes? Yes, why yes there is!

It can be done, friends! All you need is a humble banana and a blender (or food processor).

I was gifted a dream food processor last year and am still so in love! It’s amazing for so many reasons.  Reasons I’ll share another time… but for now, we are talking banana ice cream!

Seriously, all you do is grab a ripe frozen banana and whiz it up until creamy and voila- ICE CREAM!

I usually make the peanut butter banana variety, but yesterday I decided to try something new.

I owe this spontaneous (and surprisingly delicious) flavor combo to my son Isaac. I’ve been giving him elderberry syrup to help kick this cold that he got. But he has been less than enthusiastic about taking a spoonful of this natural and medicinal remedy. He’s actually not had much of an appetite for anything (except mamas milk) until yesterday. Yesterday, all he wanted was a “nana” (banana).  And of course, we were out.

And then I remembered a plethora of bananas chilling in my freezer just waiting to be blended into a frozen dessert.

So I decided to create elderberry ice cream cups with those bananas. He’d get to enjoy a banana while getting some immunity-boosting elderberry. Best of both worlds.

Not only that, but my husband tried some after work and even he loved it!

Toddler and husband approved? Yes indeed!

I call that a win over here!

Here’s the recipe for elderberry ice cream:


  • 2 bananas, frozen
  • 1 tsp-3 tsp elderberry syrup (I suggest tasting as you go until it’s just the right flavor for your preference)
  • splash of vanilla


  • Blend frozen bananas in food processor or blender. (Note: if using a blender, you may need to pause to scrape down the sides occasionally
  • Add elderberry syrup and blend some more. (Taste and add elderberry syrup until it reaches your flavor satisfaction.)
  • Continue to blend until desired consistency.

I froze in muffin cups to make tiny ice cream cups! This recipe freezes nicely but you can just dig in immediately! 🙂

3 BONUS flavors
(I used about 2 bananas for each flavor combination):

  • Honey Vanilla
    • drizzle of raw honey and splash of vanilla
  • Chocolate Cacao
    • 1 TBS cacao powder (or more for taste preference)
  • Chocolatey Peanut Butter
    • 1 TBS cacao powder and a spoonful of organic peanut butter



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  1. Hi Leann,
    You are a wonderful influence on me. I just got a Vitamix for Christmas. Is this what you used? I’d love some other coaching on this wonderful appliance if it’s what you’re using.


  2. Thanks Leann!



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