Product Spotlight: Mary & Martha

Product Spotlight: Mary & Martha

I ADORE dishes. Let me clarify- I’m not talking about the act of doing dishes. No, not so much. I adore pretty dishes.

Anytime I’m in TJ Maxx or Target, I tend to gravitate towards the kitchen and serving ware isles. I especially enjoy looking at all the colorful designs and reading the words printed on the mugs. (Isn’t owning a great mug just awesome!?) Maybe I’m alone in my pursuit to find a great mug, but having the right cup just makes a difference to me. I guess I can explain it in the same way a great outfit can impact how you feel in those clothes, a great mug can impact how you feel as well. At least it does for me. (Little secret– I will always opt to dine-in at a cafe if it means I can use a real mug and not a paper cup to-go.)

Coffee mugs are one of the things that we didn’t register for before getting married. My hubby and I both enjoy a unique cup, so we left those purchases to be something we gather eclectically.

For our plates and bowls, on the other hand, we went classic and opted for solid white. And I love them. The plain white is the perfect backdrop for letting the food stand out as the star.

But then I was given these little beauties and I am even more in love!

{Savoring JOY} favorite things

Mary & Martha Dishes

These two pieces are from Mary & Martha’s Melamine Collection called “This is the table before the Lord”.

Just like my favorite mugs, these have beautiful colors, words that inspire, and are just simply lovely.

The colors are bright and fun. The design is feminine and delightful. They are decorative enough to stand alone on their own, but are very inviting when filled with edible goodies.


Great for entertaining!

I used them to bring some homemade JOY bars and frozen yogurt bark at an event I had the honor of speaking at

I’ve nestled some paleo coconut fudge brownies in them for an afternoon small group my husband and I were hosting and have used them for our own family dinner table as well.

{Savoring JOY} favorite things

I’m so excited to use them for many Spring and Summer outdoor picnics, potlucks, beach days and other entertaining that will be done!


A word on melamine-

This was my first introduction to melamine. It’s a type of plastic that has a durable and heavy duty feel to them. My husband and I held them in disbelief- we couldn’t wrap our brains around the fact that they were actually plastic. They felt like heavy-duty glass to us! They have a gorgeous shine to them that makes them appear like porcelain as well.

Given that they are a type of plastic, I wouldn’t recommend using them for anything hot. You definitely wouldn’t want to microwave these, but I also recommend using them for cold or room temp foods (like salads, fruit, granola bars, chips, cut veggies, etc).


Care & Cleaning

They are dishwasher safe but so effortless to clean, that I usually just hand wash them. (And I love my dishwasher so that’s really saying something about how easy they are to clean). 😉


Get some of your own!


Because I just know you’ll want to get your hands on these, here is a link to browse the full Mary & Martha online catalog.  I am not a consultant, but my friend Jamie is. Check out her site here and see what this company stands for. Hint: they’re not just about making pretty dishes; their mission goes way beyond that!


Do you have a special mug or dish in your own little kitchen? Share what makes it your favorite in the comments!


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  1. Yes, I am a mug FANATIC!! Me and Shawna always go in and I must pick up 15 mugs a store…. my issue is that mugs need to have a big “holder”…. I have to have at least 2 fingers in it to hold. ( nothing better than a warm cup of coffee in your hands)… I know, i must be a weirdo…

    • HA! Beau, I love it! No, totally not a weirdo… unless we’re both weirdos? But doubtful, because I happen to know my friend Cindy is also particular about her mugs as well.

      • We are not weirdos! It is perfectly natural to test out every single mug style to make sure your hand placement is perfect for cradling your mug! 🙂 LeeAnn, I love crisp white china also, however those plates are absolutely beautiful! Since our dishwasher comes in the form of children, all of our white china has chipped so we recently switched over to melamine also. Pretty kid-resistant so far!

        • LOL! Thanks for the reassurance, Cindy!

          Aren’t they pretty? I was browsing through the catalog and found a few other items that are just gorgeous! Maybe I should host a gathering? Hmm… 😉
          And yes, the melamine has definitely been kid-proof for us too. 🙂



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