What’s For Dinner?



I’m guessing you get asked this question often.  And I’m guessing you don’t like it.


So let me ask you… (and don’t worry, I won’t be asking you “What’s for dinner?”):

  • Have you been giving that nagging question way too much mental energy?
  • Do you think about that throughout the day and get asked that question over and over (and over and over) again?
  • Want to finally have an answer to that dreaded question?
  • Want to stop splurging and spending on last minute take out?
  • Want to provide healthy food for your family?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then keep reading…

The solution is found in having a meal plan.


I know what you’re thinking— “Seriously, a meal plan? You are crazy if you think I want to add the burden of one more responsibility especially one as mind-numbing as meal planning.”

I totally get it! Meal planning IS a chore. It’s redundant, time-consuming and so overwhelming!  But I personally know the results of having a well-thought-out menu plan.  It makes a HUGE difference on so many levels.  So…

How about letting someone else meal plan for YOU?

A huge purpose of “Savoring Joy” is providing tools for living a healthy & JOYFUL life!  Tools to help simplify YOUR journey.  Tools I wish someone had given me.

A dependable, nourishing, and yummy meal plan is one of those tools.

A ready-made meal plan, from my home to yours, just makes sense.

If you let me take the burden of meal planning off your shoulders, that constant question of “What’s for dinner?” and the last minute splurging and spending on something you don’t even want to eat will be a thing of the past!

“SPRING 2-Week Menu Plan” Package


Life made even easier.


SPRING 2-Week Menu Plan just for you!


This menu plan was created with SPRING in mind, ensuring that you eat food’s best for the season, guaranteeing the freshest and most nutrient-rich foods.  Which also means the highest quality of ingredients at a price that’s easier on your budget!

The whole idea of this 2-Week Menu Plan is building a routine of simplicity that will carry you through the FULL-LENGTH of Spring.

Here’s how a 2-week menu on rotation works:  2 weeks of meals that you ROTATE twice in each month for three months. This way you only eat the same meal 2 times in 1 month!

Having a 2-week menu on rotation creates the perfect balance of variety and efficiency. 

My “Spring 2-Week Menu Plan” comes fully-loaded with recipes, specifically chosen to pass the tests of being:

  • quick
  • easy
  • family friendly
  • company worthy
  • affordable
  • nourishing
  • and, delicious!

In addition to the full 2 -week menu plan, developed using my very own “Savoring Joy Theme Days”, you will also get my completely stocked:


Master Recipe List

The recipes that I will be feeding my family with


Master Grocery List

Mapped out for convenient shopping with all of the quantities needed for each recipe


Master Staples List

Peek at the ingredients I always keep stocked in my own kitchen

“SPRING 2-Week Menu Plan” Package


Life made even easier.

I know what it’s like to be busy, tired, overwhelmed and hungry all at the same time, with hungry mouths to feed. I’m a mom like you.

Using this meal plan has saved more than our dinner time… it’s brought JOY back to our family table. I hope it serves you well!





I’m new to the menu rotation concept.  How does it work?

Sure, I first learned about it from Shannon @ Growing Slower in her super helpful Meals Made Simple eCourse.  And it’s awesome! Basically, you plan 2-weeks worth of meals, and then repeat (rotate) them twice in one month.

I’m really busy these days.  How will I keep up with cooking every single night?

I totally hear ya.  I purposefully chose recipes that require little time to put together.  Most can be made in under 30 minutes, and the few that take longer are simply cooking in the oven or crockpot.  Less fuss and little maintenance required.  Plus, you could pick one day a week to prep (wash and cut all your veggies) ahead of time, so the night of is purely a breeze.  And the beauty of a 2-week rotation menu is that you’ll become more and more efficient at making these meals the more you make them.

I’m not an experienced chef.  How complicated are these recipes to make?

These recipes are all very easy to make and I’ve included clear directions to make them even easier to follow.  And since you’ll make each recipe two times in one month, you’ll become better & better each time.  You become a better cook by the practice of cooking; following this menu plan is a great way to sharpen and develop your inner-kitchen-ninja skills.

What if I don’t stick to the actual plan? Can I just use the recipes in my own order?

Absolutely!! You can use this menu plan however you’d like.  There aren’t any hard set rules.  BUT, a lot of thought and careful planning went into making this meal plan so that it offers a variety of flavors and fully uses ingredients to reduce waste from one day to the next.

My family goes out to eat at least once a week.  Will I be wasting ingredients I buy by skipping out on dinner to eat out?

One of my theme nights is “Something New Saturday”.  It’s basically a freebie night to make a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try, to go out to eat, have dinner with another family, or even re-introduce an old family favorite recipe that you want to have again.  You can definitely use that night as the freebie to go out to eat and not waste anything as a result.  If you plan to go out more than one night a week, I recommend that you plan that out before grocery shopping. That way you can pick which meal(s) you’ll be skipping in order to dine out.  Then just subtract those recipe ingredients from the grocery list and you’re all set! Or, just make one of these meals for a lunch to use what you may have already shopped for.  This plan is flexible.

How often will I need to go the store following this plan?

The grocery lists are separated to include only what you’ll need for each week (one week at a time).  So ideally, you’ll only grocery shop one time a week.  If you’d prefer to shop at farmer’s markets throughout the week, you may be able to do a staples run once or twice a month, and then pick up your produce at a farmers market instead.  It’s really up to what’s most convenient, affordable, & doable for you.

Are these recipes allergy-friendly, gluten-free or dairy-free?

Most recipes are allergy-friendly, and all can be easily adapted to accommodate specific dietary needs.  All the meals planned include seasonal produce to ensure they are nutrient-rich, wholesome, and delicious!

Will nutrition information be included with the recipes?

I’m not big on calorie-counting or scrutinizing over food through dieting, but I DO love cooking and eating nourishing foods.  Nutritional information is not included in this meal plan, but you’re welcome to use a free online source to calculate their nutritional values for yourself.

My family is on a budget.  Will buying this menu plan save me money?

Having this meal plan WILL save you money.  I left out extra ingredient frills that would be culprits for increasing your budget.  Additionally, having a plan ensures you only buy what you need and will use.  This will also save you money from any last-minute splurges of eating out or buying more expensive pre-packaged convenience foods.  From my own experience, I can tell you that my grocery expenses did increase switching to wholesome, nutritious food, but my eating out and fast food expenses SIGNIFICANTLY decreased.

I already meal plan on my own, so why should I buy yours?

That’s awesome!  Then you already know how valuable having a meal plan really is.  This is still a great buy because you are not only getting access to 2 weeks worth of healthy and delicious recipes, you are getting to see how to plan a menu using produce that is in season.  Eating seasonally has so many incredible benefits, that if you’re not already doing so, you’ll definitely want to make the switch to eating with the season.  Peeking at how someone else meal plans can also offer you tips to improve your own meal planning.  Why not take some time off from the grunt work of meal planning, and enjoy the freedom and ease of using this one.

Have more questions?

No worries! Contact me here.  I’d love to answer any further questions you have.